2-DG was created when founder and CEO, Shail Shah, met Dr. Theodore J. Lampidis at an event in Miami. They began talking about
Dr. Lampidis’ mission to create the universal treatment of cancer. Like so many of us, Shail has had people in his life suffer from cancer
and wanted to find a way he could help make Dr. Lampidis’ dream a reality. Within six months of their meeting, 2-DG Apparel Lifestyle Brand was born to help fund the treatment and research of cancer through 2-DG. Dr. Lampidis is feeding cancer cells with
2-DG (2-Deoxy-D-glucose), a sugar molecule, which causes cancer cells to starve and die. When creating the brand, Shail used the universal symbol for the 2-DG sugar molecule as the logo on every product to help create awareness for the treatment.

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