Lampidis Cancer

We support Dr. Lampidis' career and passion in medical research in hopes to help others and make a contribution to society.

100% of all funds received by the Lampidis Cancer Foundation go directly to research and efforts associated with the 2-DG cancer drug study and program. The goal is to get this drug out to the world and hopefully, one day, have it be used as a universal treatment for cancer.

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“2-DG has tremendous possibilities to work for all cancers” which is why it’s even more important that we work together to get 2-DG thru the necessary trials required to make it an FDA -approved drug for the millions suffering this devastating disease world- wide!" - Dr. Theodore J. Lampidis

Current State of the 2-DG Drug:

The 2-DG drug has had a clinical Trial stage 1 already approved by the FDA, which is a huge accomplishment. They are now on clinical stage 2 but funding is needed to continue to move forward. 

How Does it Work?

2-DG works by killing the slow growing cancer cells found in every tumor that are resistant to chemotherapy and or radiation. It eliminates these resistant cancer cells by blocking their main source of energy, glucose. 2-DG is an altered form of sugar that tricks the tumor into thinking it’s receiving glucose, which in turn causes these cancer cells to literally starve to death.